IT Asset Tracking Services

IT Asset Tracking Services in Singapore

At times, IT asset tracking is also known as IT inventory tracking because the process ideally involves collecting detailed inventory information on software as well as hardware. The data is subsequently utilized to make informed decisions on how such assets are being used and about purchases to be made. With the expansion of a network, many new asses get added. It is not uncommon to lose a count of the locations of these assets and what assets you own. When an entrepreneur has multiple branch offices, it can become even more baffling.

Gaining valuable insight into your network hardware may not be possible to accomplish manually. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, things have definitely become much simpler. The software can easily collect such data these days as well as ensure that the data is always updated.

Here are a few important reasons why you should hire a reliable IT Desktop Support provider in Singapore to track your IT assets:


1. Data is continually updated with the most recent details

While having a proper knowledge of your IT assets is definitely important, ensuring that the information is always up to date is even more essential. Hardware upgrades, updates, and patches can be tough to keep track of. However, an experienced service provider can use sophisticated asset tracking software in your network so that you can get the information in minutes with only a few mouse clicks.


2. Saves time

You may waste a lot of our valuable time when the inventory analysis of the IT assets is compiled annually. Plus, you need to also spend your important resources to do this task. In the end, you are not even sure whether your remote employees have sent you the correct data or not.


3. Reassigning key employees

IT asset tracking can save your time as discussed before. Since you no longer require dedicated resources to physically monitor every workstation or server, this personnel can be reassigned to other important tasks. Thus, your IT employees can concentrate on training, testing, and deployment instead of focusing on the routine work.


4. Detect issues so that they do not become bottlenecks

Along with collecting detailed software and hardware data, it is also possible to check the performance and health of the workstations and the servers by the same asset tracking software. It can also send you an alert message in case something is not quite right. For instance, an alert can be sent when the thresholds of the hard drive are being reached or a particular machine has a less than satisfactory disk performance. Thus, you are aware even before such an issue aggravates and leads to lost productivity.


5. Scalability

You may have started your business with only 5-6 employees. However, your employee strength can keep growing as you start expanding your business. Even a variation in seasonal demand may see an inclusion of new computers in your company. It can be a complex task to keep changing your internal procedures for IT asset tracking. Embracing an easily scalable and single solution ensures that the process manageable and simple.
Take the help of a seasoned IT Desktop Support provider in Singapore to manage your IT asset tracking process effectively.