Anti-virus & Security Management

Anti-virus & Security Management Services in Singapore

Businesses can afford to leverage their expertise, which may be unavailable internally by outsourcing their IT security. Outsourced network management or managed IT services can be helpful for a business in several ways. Outsourcing the security and antivirus management is a cost-effective solution for the maintenance and monitoring of your IT infrastructure by experts rather than hiring full-time in-house IT employees. Such an endeavor can also free up the IT staff and IT director of your business so that they can focus on more critical assignments instead of daily maintenance. However, apart from complete peace of mind and improved productivity, there are other advantages too.

Here are some of the key security benefits of hiring the services of a reputed IT Desktop Support provider in Singapore:

1. Your business remains updated

Some key outsourced IT services are running upgrades, patches, and software update for the desktops and servers. All systems that are included in the contract will have automatic updates running according to a predetermined schedule. Thus, you need not have to feel hassled about the time taken to apply patches and check the schedules. Rather, there are automatic updates to eliminate any kind of cyber security threats, which typically target the vulnerabilities between the release time of a patch and its actual application. If you outsource IT services, which immediately and automatically manage upgrades, there is no need for any kind of worries since the application of the patch took place according to the set schedule i.e. immediately after its release. Hence, the entire security management process becomes an automated one.


2. Ensures higher protection level

Outsourcing your organization’s security management process to an experienced IT Desktop Support specialist in Singapore also ensures that you enjoy certain direct security solutions such as managing anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-virus solutions as well as firewall management and monitoring. Well-managed and monitored firewall solutions can ensure that the software and firmware of your firewall are always up to date in order to bring down vulnerabilities. A business can also get regular reports to demonstrate and highlight the performance of your firewall and whether there are areas of concern or not. It will ensure that you take an instant action instead of being completely unaware.

The same logic is applicable to anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-virus solutions. After all, it is easy to apply an anti-virus solution once and not check it again. A managed antivirus solution can protect the network of your business in ways, which residential or commercial solutions are unable to accomplish.


3. Accomplish systematic backup management

Outsourced IT services can cover data backup solutions too. They can handle the scheduling and execution of regular backups, testing such backups to ensure the files are recoverable and backup reporting. Data backup management is not only essential today. In several cases, organizations and businesses need to adhere to certain regulations, which need data retention and data backups.

Outsourcing your backup option also means that the data backups for your business are recoverable, managed, and monitored. The solution also makes sure that your valuable data is not lost even when there catastrophes or mishaps. The solution also ensures the safety of your backed up data.