Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance of Computers, Laptops and Other Peripheral Equipment

It is an understatement when one says that technology is crucial for any small business. It is a fact that small businesses are unable to outspend their bigger competitors and so they need to out-think them. At the same time, it is also true that IT costs money. It is sad that a majority of the small businesses are unable to afford the cost of keeping an in-house and permanent IT professional. Choosing a good IT Desktop Support specialist to ensure installation and maintenance of computers, laptops, and other peripherals is an efficient means of doing that.

However, thanks to quality support providers, outsourcing the IT functions is a low-cost alternative for a small business. There are various compelling reasons for a small business to opt for outsourcing their IT repair and service tasks, which are being explored below:


1. Enables you to concentrate on running the business

Maintaining your IT environment and keep it functioning well can be a full-time job. It can be problematic because your plate could be already full. While you may make an attempt to do all the IT work on your own without recruiting any IT professional, you may have to divide your focus at a certain point, which may cause your IT function to suffer.


2. Continuous preventive maintenance

A key merit of outsourcing is getting the support of a dedicated pool of personnel who will do preventive maintenance of your computing devices whenever required. Such a step will not only assure maximum uptime and performance but it will also allow fixing minor problems instantly instead of them becoming more expensive and bigger later on. Continuous and regular preventive maintenance is a crucial component of any good computer service plan. It is also imperative to note that you will derive the maximum benefits of availing the experience of a highly trained and dedicated team of people.


3. Is a cost-controlling measure

Are you aware that according to the latest study, 1/3rd of the small businesses usually sink in their initial 2 years? The biggest reason for this is the lack of a proper cash flow. A significant cause of this is that these businesses do not have a proper visibility or greater control over the amount of money going out vis-à-vis coming in.

Such cash flow problems can be sorted out to a large extent by the IT function. However, even insignificant IT deployments may need a big upfront investment, especially for devices alone. You need to also make a monthly payment to your in-house staff that installs, maintains, and updates those devices. Additionally, there is a need to make training investments for your IT personnel so that they can work and operate the systems well. There are also breakdown costs involved.

All the above expenses can be unpredictable but you can minimize them by opting for outsourcing the service and maintenance functions to a reputed IT Desktop Support provider. All tasks ranging from making the equipment available for installation and maintenance can be handled by this 3rd party at a lucrative discounted price because of the contract and a long-term association between your business and them.