IT Desktop Support Services in Singapore

What are IT Desktop Support Services?

Your business’s IT infrastructure is the very foundation on which it progresses. From desktops to completely replicated virtual servers, you need to remain aware of each and every component of your infrastructure along with how each is designed and maintained. That is the best way to troubleshoot issues before they can make operations come to a screeching halt.

The good news is that IT Desktop Support Services were made keeping reliability and efficiency in mind. Our trained technicians are available to take care of any technical issues that cannot be resolved with Help Desk. In order to ensure operations commence without interruption we will work behind the scenes to create a stable and consistent computing environment for your staff.

This includes managing onsite IT support needs for software, hardware and networking issues. Our computer support personnel will focus on improving process, preventing problems from arising, increasing remote resolutions and offer advanced warranty reporting and support.

IT Desktop Support Services Singapore

IT Desktop Support Services support professionals in business by helping them create value for their customers with:


  • Installing desktop support service with Help Desk support for a seamless experience.
  • Ensuring scalability and versatility by increasing efficiency of onsite support systems
  • Lowering costs with centralized support
  • Enhancing productivity in the workplace for in-house and remote workers with quicker software rollout and state of the art self service tools.

How IT Desktop Support Services Work for you?

DSS or Desktop Support Services are integrated by enterprises to ensure their staff has instant on-site support for their systems. Departments that are supported by technical support like this can call upon them to tackle a wide range of tech issues such as:

  • Workstation issues
  • Network problems
  • Setting up and fixing printers
  • Helping with in-house support applications.
  • Configuring and rebuilding systems.
  • Installing hardware as well as software.

From acquiring products to disposition, IT Desktop Support Services is an IT support company that can take care of the entire lifecycle of your business’s technical assets. This includes providing desktop services that are personalized according to your end revenue goals and the technical capabilities of your end users.

Over the years we have been in operation, we have acquired extensive practical experience designing, managing and installing onsite and remote desktop applications and support operations for a number of different industries. Taking full advantage of our years of experience, skills, knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide improvements and efficiencies over a range of applications. These include:

Managed services for Desktops

Relocating an office is a huge endeavor and can cost business owners dearly if technical assets are not relocated safely. If you are moving to a new office site or introducing a new operating system, IT Desktop Support Services can help you install software and hardware, transfer important data and deploy new equipment in place or along with old units.

Our technicians document each process as it completes and will present you a complete list of tasks and how they were taken care of at the end. In order to ensure complete compliance we can also train end users on any and all changes made.

Asset Tracking

As your IT consultants, we will ensure operations remain organized by thoroughly examining your IT assets such as serial numbers, applications and their versions, hardware settings, locations, numbers, patch levels etc. With the aid of in-depth audits and recommendations, we will work with your current tech support team to improve system performance, help you take full advantage of your IT investment and ensure license compliance in all sectors. Our experienced and helpful technicians are also well trained in the latest asset management software packages thus you can rest assured that your IT assets will remain in good hands.

Migrations and Operating Systems

Whether you wish to roll out a new operating system or want the latest Windows update for your entire enterprise, we will be there to support you. From consultation and design to implementation, testing and final deployment, we will remain your ongoing support from start to finish. Our personnel are trained and certified on the latest platforms and operating systems Windows has to offer and follow tried and tested processes to ensure a smooth transition.

Anti-Virus and Backup Management

A strong, reliable and stable anti-virus and malware program can ensure up to date virus definitions and ensure your business follows corporate security protocols and policies. We can also secure mission critical data on a routine basis and ensure it can be recovered quickly and easily in case of data loss.

Remote Desktop Support

We offer a wide range of IT solutions that have helped a number of enterprises improve the way they do business. Out remote desktop support for instance is designed to ensure your business has complete control over the IT infrastructure and all network resource.

If implemented correctly this can allow your business to maintain high quality performance and achieve business growth systematically and without delays. This includes lowering operational costs, efficient management of IT resources such the internet and in-house systems, email, smart devices, mobile devices etc which are crucial for business success.

Remote services will allow faster resolution of grievances and complaints related to your IT infrastructure and seamless accessibility will allow superior user experience and business growth. Our services can also improve productivity and IT infrastructure uptime and make sure resources are available 24 hours a day and all 7 days of the week.

This fact is crucial when it comes to maintaining a growing business and in reducing operational costs. The result would be happier employees and higher productivity levels which are vital for a burgeoning business. All of our support sessions are protected with encryptions and will not work until end users allow them to. Our expert tech support team will be on call with their strong domain knowledge and extensive experience which they will leverage using the latest remote access applications and tools to:

  • Access and use the latest technologies.
  • Manage a skilled team of system engineers and specialists.
  • Provide 24/7 IT support on all verticals
  • Offer browser and email support
  • Updated malware
  • Remove viruses and increase internet security.
  • Offer around the clock IT Help Desk services.
  • Offer quick access to tech support with the click of a button.
  • Regular checkups of PC and desktop environments to ensure uninterrupted performance on all levels and departments,
  • Regular checkups on servers to ensure 100% compliance.

Why Choose IT Desktop Support Services for your business?

IT Desktop Support Services can help you define your overall strategy when it comes to taking care of your IT infrastructure. This includes replacing hardware and software consistently, providing training and scheduling for archiving, deployment, transferring data, managing end users and creating a robust support structure that can work with you along with your existing support team.

This includes managing the tech needs of special projects that can result in unpredictable spikes when it comes to resource requirements. We will be your unflinching partner for such projects from start to finish and throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. So whether you need aid in migrating or installing new software or upgrading old ones, our ever helpful tech personnel will provide top of the line services as and when you need their help.

Summary of IT Desktop Support Services in Singapore

While IT services are essential for every growing business, for many entrepreneurs, this can be considered secondary and even tertiary compared to other daily activities. However, that does not make them any less crucial, a fact that we take very seriously. Allow our trained personnel to maintain and manage your IT requirements and focus on your core business without worry or delays.

IT Desktop Support Services will work with you to integrate plans that can not only help you increase the efficiency of your systems but lower costs by improving existing resources. We can also help you with future planning by creating an IT strategy that can work with your current business practices and which can suit your future goals. All of this will be done with efficient licensing and with strict adherence to company policies.

Our state of the art support solutions and server support are designed to aid both small and large businesses. Headed by a team of dedicated tech professionals, your employees can get access to offsite support and onsite support as and when they need it. This includes regular system monitoring, updates as well as health checks to eliminate anomalies and nip issues in the bud before they have the chance to create some serious damage. Our technicians have years of experience and knowledge in the IT industry and will be available to address any concerns you or your employees may have regarding servicer and PC desktop environments so that you can focus on your core business requirements with ease.